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Yannie [炘炘]
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like a petal in the wind, I fly towards the wondrous sky

Welcome to milkystar_x, the personal lj of songkissed. If you're here, you're probably interested in the person under the fics or you just ended up here randomly ^-^ . Let me start by saying that there will be no fics posted here =P If you're interested in just fics, I'd suggest going to songkissed or vanilla_letters.

Now, about me~

I am a fan of...

♥ Arashi
♥ F.T. island
♥ Big Bang

I love...

♥ Kamenashi kazuya
♥ Nishikido Ryo
♥ Uchi Hiroki
♥ Yamashita Tomohisa
♥ Lee Hong Ki
♥ Ninomiya Kazunari
♥ Choi Jong Hun


♥ get insanely hyper a lot
♥ am a bit bipolar ( I switch moods really quickly; can go from hyper to sad back to hyper again in mere minutes)
think I'm easy to talk to ( been told that, so let's assume that's true ^-^)
♥ can flail about just about anything
♥ have a wild imagination,
♥ can be a bit dramatic sometimes
♥ am boy crazy (so many posts on here are flailing about the hotness/cuteness/sheer sexiness of a certain boy~)
♥ talk a lot sometimes
♥ also like anime, and manga
♥ watch j-dramas constantly and love them <3

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